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Ar-Men Da Viken is DJ/Producteur born in the North of France in 1974, As of the old one 13 years, it is impassioned for the electronic music and discovers artists such as Laurent Garnier, Jeff Mills, Prodigy, Consequently, it starts has to mix at his place with old turntables, while strolling in the stores of vinyls to unearth the rare pearl, In 2017, it becomes resident on a radio of Bordeaux or it balances its sets of Trance and Progressive House all saturdays evenings accompanied by his faithful friend Chris’ Tof, At the end of 2017, it becomes acquainted on Internet of Christian Monique, celebrates DJ/Producteur /remixeur of the scene Progressive House, It is this one which launches it in the production while bringing its invaluable assistance to him, In 2018, it leaves its first EP entitled Utopia at MorninGlory Music, followed by French KIS and Lighthouse Symphony It becomes also resident on radios with its own emissions such as Record Club on Cosmos-radio (Germany), Dimension surGlobal Radio House (Spain) and Chromosphere on Electronica Leman (Swiss), During 2018, it becomes acquainted with Findike; celebrate DJ/Producteur/remixeur, of which he adore the work, which takes it under his wing and makes him sign an album with 3 titles, Night Runner, Saturn Contact and Lost Soul.

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